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Sample OSM Justification


Sample Justification Write-up

Years of Service:
Nomination: Honorable Order of the Saint Martin Justification

_____ served the United States Army for over twenty-four years of honorable service. He entered military service on January 9, 1973 at Fort Jackson, SC. Following basic training, he awarded the 76Y Supply MOS and assigned to Fort Bragg, NC. There, he was selected for Airborne School and received his wings at Fort Benning, GA on September 15, 1973.

During his superb enlisted career, __ served in a wide variety of high profile jobs, most notably in 1982 in Monchengladbach, a city in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, where he served with the 14th Combat Equipment Company.There, he worked in logistics with primary duty of maintaining accountability of over 1,000 line items of equipment consisting mostly of vehicles. He inventoried vehicles in over twenty (20) different warehouses ranging from a wide variety of vehicles and tanks in the military inventory. This critical duty was in support of maintaining a vehicle ready status for REFORGER (Return of Forces to Germany) annual exerciseland campaign conducted during the Cold War by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Units would arrive to Germany from the states to draw the vehicles for REFORGER.

__ reported to 21st Chemical Company Fort Bragg NC in 1985. He was the Unit Supply Sergeant and responsible for the accountability for the Decontamination and Chemical equipment. In 1986, while at Fort Bragg, he was “handpicked” to serve in the 8th Field Artillery Brigade as Supply Sergeant and was responsible for the accountability unit equipment which consisted of M155 Howitzers. He provided excellent service in maintaining 100% accountability of equipment which kept the unit in a high state of readiness.

After 14 years of outstanding enlisted service, In February 1987, _____ was selected as a warrant officer one and assigned as Battalion Property Book Officer for the 3/52nd Air Defense Artillery, Wildflecken, Germany. There, he was lauded by the battalion commander in his first warrant officer assignment for conducting 100% inventories on all units assigned to the battalion. He discovered severe shortages in some units and in others huge excess equipment inventories. He quickly instituted solid property accountable measures that fix 90% of the accountability problems within 180 days. It is estimated that over $435,000 Army dollars were saved by his efforts.

In 1991, _______ was reassigned to the 528th Special Operations Support Battalion, Fort Bragg, NC. There, he served as Property Book Officer responsible for maintaining property accountability using the Standard Property Book System-Redesigned automated property system for equipment valued in the amount of $650 million dollars. He also directed the redistribution of 500 items of excess equipment filling critical shortages within the battalion. He played a major role in the rewrite of outdated Battalion Standard Operation Procedures (SOPs) and assisted with the logistical training activities of junior and senior NCOs. He was well known for his knowledge of DoD and Army policy changes and guidelines with regard to government property accountability.

In December 1994, _____ was assigned to the 401st Aviation Battalion, Eighth Army, Camp Page, Korea as a Battalion Property Officer. He maintained 100% accountability of equipment in the excess of $1.5 billion. He ensured measures of the Command Supply Discipline Program(CSDP) interfaced with the United States Supply and Logistics Activity at Fort Lee, Virginia for inspections and conducted all CSDP inspections within the 401st Aviation Battalion.