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Non-Quartermasters Criteria

Recommendations for nominees of the Honorable Order of Saint Martin who are not a member of the Quartermaster Corps will be reviewed by the Association of Quartermaster Board Members, and then submitted to the Quartermaster General. The Quartermaster General may approve or disapprove as he or she deem appropriate.

Due to the time necessary to process requests for Non-Quartermasters, the Association of Quartermasters must receive these requests no less than 30-days prior to the projected presentation date. Requests submitted with less than 30-days of the projected presentation date will be processed as “Rush Orders” and accrue a 25% increase in cost.

Regardless of Branch affiliation, individuals being nominated for a Distinguished or Honorable Order of Saint Martin must be an active member of the Association of Quartermasters in good standing or enroll for a 3-year membership at the time a nomination for a Distinguished or Honorable Order of Saint Martin Award is submitted.