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Local chapters are relatively easy to establish. All organizers need to do is follow our step-by-step procedures.

Chapter By Laws

President’s or POC’s, keep your Chapter information current and correct!

Switch your Chapter Affiliation – Login your account and select the Chapter you want to be affilated with

If you are already a current member and want to switch your individual Chapter affiliation.

North Carolina: “Nathanael Greene Chapter”
CW4 Charles Lee

Washington: “Red Lion Chapter”

Fort Lee, VA: “Sustainers” – Inactive

Fort Bragg, NC: “Red Hat”
Mr. Gaylin

Colorado: “Rocky Mountain QMs”
CW2 Stricker

Alabama: “George Watson”
COL Matthew J. Burinskas

Massachusetts: “Minutemen”
LTC Arvid Hill

Fort Bragg, NC: “Bragg Culinary”

New York: “Muleskinners”
CPT Rankin

Indianapolis: “Hooiser QM of Indianapolis”

Minnesota: “Red Bull QMs”

Florida: “First Militia Chapter of QM”

South Korea: “Land of the Morning Calm”